Company profile

Jiangsu Rongrui Stainless Steel Co, Ltd

At Jiangsu Rongrui Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. our corporate culture is based on an open international outlook and a deep customer orientation. Our mission is to provide high quality stainless steel products to meet the needs of our global customers through continuous quality management and innovation.

We regard quality as the lifeblood of our business, and every employee adheres to excellence in craftsmanship and commitment to excellence to ensure that our products not only meet, but exceed international standards. Innovation is our core competence, and we encourage our employees to come up with new ideas and continuously develop and improve our products to adapt to the fast-changing market and technological development.

Teamwork is the key to our success. We come from different cultural backgrounds, but our common goals unite us. We value the contribution of every team member, working and growing together.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business and we are committed to building long-term, solid relationships with our clients and partners. Honesty and transparency are the norm in our dealings, both with domestic and international clients.

We recognise that long-term success goes beyond financial gain and includes our responsibility to the environment and society. We are therefore committed to the goal of sustainable development, ensuring that our business activities minimise our impact on the environment while making a positive contribution to society.

Our culture is at the heart of our success and guides our work and decisions every day. We welcome our customers across the globe to join us on our journey towards a more prosperous and sustainable future."